Dogs from the past

The original five

The first, the one and only… Her name was Utah [Arctic Soul Utah] She was born in August 2003 in Southern Finland. Utah was friendly, easy going, mischevious and really calm, even lazy. She wasn’t excited about being a sleddog, so she was never bred, but otherwise, she was sure a dog to remember.

With Utah, I went to try a long time dream for the first time. Work in a Husky farm. Utah was only 1 year old and it was a huge adventure for the both of us.

That winter I also got my first own sled and the team was about to grow; in Chicago, an interesting litter was born in October 2004. I reserved a red and white male puppy, who flew first to Spain and then to Finland. Indiana [Tangotara Believe It] needed to grow up, so meanwhile, had to use family dogs, our Australian Shepherds, to do the job…

Indiana did not grow up alone, as our ”first Lady” was born in May 2005. Nevada [Thunderstorm Nevada del Karraces] flew from Spain and took the place of the main leader quickly and ran lead until her retirement days. Even when coming from a ”showdog pedigree”, she was an excellent sleddog and I would be happy to get another dog like her again! She had one litter and her grandchildren can be found from our kennels.

2007 January, a half-sibling litter of Indiana was born in Spain. I wanted to take a puppy, but it was hard to choose between a male and a female. So they both joined the pack. Valar [Tangotara Cometa To Winter Chaos] and Haldir [Tangotara Curro Jimenez], who was one of my top Siberian Husky males with absolutely fantastic temperament. Haldir was admired by many, including me.

This five was the one team I call ”original five” since they were clearly a first ”era” to me with sleddogs. I had them all since puppies and they also were there, when I was studying and graduated as a zookeeper/vet assistant. Nevada x Haldir combination was also my first, long awaited litter.

After this I got many, many important and lovely dogs, some of them shared below, mostly those, who affects to our present pack – as ancestors.

Next names in pedigrees

Next permanent packmember was KeKe [Certain The Best Of Arctic Skyline]. She was born in Austria, January 2008. KeKe we picked up from Spain, she was already pregnant to US import Deacon [Articflag’s Son Of A Preach’N Man] and whelped our third litter. Keke had a nice temperament, she was a bit of a diva, but easy-going and a very good sleddog. Could also run lead and at least two of her puppies also ran lead. We have her granddaughter, Anor, in our present pack.

We also got a possibility to own the sire of our second litter – so we were happy to welcome Tyson [Trishamar’s Naked Gun]. Ty was fearless, friendly, quite nice in a pack. Maybe a bit dominant. And a bone head. He did what he wanted. Very good sleddog.

Keiko’s father was well awaited, but we only got Keiko from him – yet, male to remember, Skittel [Huskittel Narmenak]. Skittel was great, such a lovely temperament and joy to have. Calm and easy going. Granfather of Dakota. Mid distance racing dog, very good sleddog.

This dog deserves a presentation, for sure. He was my own bred from my first litter, a beautiful male. Son of Nevada and Haldir, sire of Meika, Disa and Fuji. Koda [Winter Chaos Witch-King Of Angmar]. Koda, like her mother Nevada, was an outstanding leader and a hard working sleddog. Retired in our pack.